Ahdoot & Wolfson, PC provides clients throughout the United States with experienced copyright enforcement representation. Copyright protection is often an important financial decision for individuals and businesses that have created any work that is original, from technological advances and computer innovations to music and literature. Copyright owners have exclusive rights to original creations, and if their work is being copied, the copyright owner may have legal remedies against the infringing party, including monetary damages and injunctive relief.

Copyright enforcement is an increasingly important legal practice, requiring attorneys with knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of the internet age. With new technologies and digital innovations constantly emerging, ownership of original content can be difficult to safeguard and protect. In addition, intellectual property law throughout the nation is typically quite new and struggling to keep pace with the technological advances it regulates.

If you have original work that requires copyright protection, or if your existing copyright is being infringed upon without your consent, you need experienced attorneys who can protect your exclusive rights and stop the offending conduct. Contact Ahdoot & Wolfson today for a free consultation to determine your legal rights and remedies.

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