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Cigna Insurance May Be Unlawfully Denying Insurance Claims as Not “Medically Necessary” – Class Action Investigation

March 30, 2023 by  

Ahdoot & Wolfson is interested in speaking with individuals who are insured by Cigna or under a Cigna insurance plan who have had an insurance claim rejected as not “medically necessary.”

According to a recent report, internal Cigna documents and former company executives confirm that Cigna’s doctors will reject medical insurance claims without so much as opening a patient’s file and reviewing the claim. Former Cigna doctors have confirmed that Cigna’s proprietary internal claims review process is designed to quickly reject claims arbitrarily, and that Cigna routinely denies the treatment as not “medically necessary.”

This egregious reported practice may be resulting in arbitrary mass denials of otherwise valid medical insurance claims. These practices may violate consumer protection and insurance laws, and violate consumers’ insurance agreements with Cigna.

If you previously had or currently have health insurance with Cigna and submitted an insurance claim that was denied as not “medically necessary,” and you have exhausted all avenues for appealing the denial of your insurance claim, please contact our firm by filling out the form below and one of our lawyers promptly will contact you for a free consultation.

Cigna Insurance Denials ("medically necessary")