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With more than two decades of experience, Ahdoot Wolfson is prepared and equipped to handle even the most complex litigation matters in commercial settings, including but not limited to disputes arising between businesses, conflicts regarding real estate contracts, as well as complex litigation involving antitrust and insurance fraud claims.

For more information regarding the Ahdoot Wolfson business law practice, visit our business law page.

Enforcing Commercial Contracts and Resolving Shareholder Disputes

Ahdoot Wolfson provides legal representation to clients in California and throughout the United States involved in commercial litigation.  Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to handle every aspect of the litigation process, from mediation and pretrial settlement negotiations to trial and appellate litigation.  We have the legal acumen and commitment to obtaining creative, effective solutions for our clients.

As evidenced by what we’ve done in class action litigation, Ahdoot Wolfson has a proven track record of securing lucrative settlements and swift resolution in large, complex litigation matters.  Unlike many complex business litigation practitioners, our firm routinely takes on complex cases on a contingency basis, with no costs or attorney’s fees assessed until a recovery is obtained by settlement or judgment.

Business Litigation

Our attorneys have extensive litigation experience assisting businesses in claims against competitors for unfair or deceptive business practices.  These claims can originate from antitrust violations, such as price-fixing or unfair competition practices.  Ahdoot Wolfson also represents businesses that have been victims of another company’s interference with an existing contractual relationship.  Other businesses seek our experienced litigation services to prevent or stop the unauthorized disclosure of trade secrets, often in the form of a breach of contract action against a former employee.  Defamation, whether in the form of oral statements or written publications, can give rise to litigation in the interests of preserving a business’s reputation and market value.  Our attorneys recognize that civil litigation can be a costly endeavor, especially when your business reputation is at stake, and we continually strive for innovative, efficient resolution.

Our business litigation practice also includes corporate and partnership matters, from shareholder disputes to lender liability.  At Ahdoot Wolfson our attorneys have a keen interest in serving our business clients’ best interests through alternative dispute resolution and effective litigation strategies.  In addition to preserving the integrity of your business, our litigators aim to restore clients’ business functions and enable a return to profitable operations.

Real Estate Litigation

Another aspect of Ahdoot Wolfson's complex commercial litigation practice involves real estate litigation matters.  Our attorneys have successfully represented individual and business clients in breach of purchase contract actions, landlord and tenant disputes, and broker liability claims.  Many complex real estate matters also involve specific performance or the enforcement of real estate contracts.  At Ahdoot Wolfson we are committed to swift and effective resolution of our clients’ real estate disputes.  To learn more about our business litigation practice, see what we can do for you.

Antitrust Law – Price Fixing and Business Interference

Ahdoot Wolfson represents plaintiffs on behalf of similarly situated class members in antitrust proceedings.  These class actions seek to protect businesses and consumers who are victims of unlawful monopolization and price-fixing.  State and federal laws prohibiting anticompetitive conduct often do not deter large and powerful companies from attempting to exercise unlawful control of a particular market.  Antitrust litigation seeks to preserve the purpose of these laws in promoting market competition and protecting the economy.  Unlike consumer protection class actions, antitrust actions are typically brought by businesses at the distribution level that are in competition with the defendant corporations.  Nonetheless, many states, including California, permit recovery of damages for consumers provided they were end-users of the defendant’s product.  Our attorneys are committed to fighting antitrust activity and obtaining litigation results that benefit consumers and the general public while promoting fair competition in business.

Seek Experienced Business Law Representation

Our attorneys have extensive experience at all stages of complex commercial litigation, from mediation to appeal.  Our firm provides competent, invaluable litigation experience to businesses, no matter the stage of your dispute or the venue.  If your business needs experienced legal representation for a complex business litigation matter, contact Ahdoot Wolfson for a free consultation to determine your legal rights and remedies.  We routinely offer our legal services on a contingency basis, with no costs or attorney’s fees assessed until a recovery is obtained.