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Ahdoot Wolfson is a nationally-recognized leader in the pursuit of preserving people’s privacy against the pervasive intrusions of digital technology into our all aspects of our daily lives. Ahdoot Wolfson has a proven track record of successfully taking-on the powerhouses of Big Data and social media.

In today’s world, digital technology is everywhere we go.  As a result, intrusions into our lives, whether on purpose or by accident, are inevitable, and the opportunity to share and profit from the private facts of our lives is unprecedented and nearly limitless. We appreciate the convenience that these technologies bring, but have come to be concerned that, separate from the services these technologies provide, their incredible computing power and ability to aggregate data threatens us with near constant surveillance and commercial and political manipulation.

Ahdoot Wolfson is committed to holding the line against abuses of the power of this technology, and to preserving our society’s time-honored values of privacy. Our firm is committed to ensuring that the fundamental right to privacy is respected and endures, even as technology evolves and society changes.

Our attorneys have the experience and technical expertise necessary to successfully litigate a comprehensive range of privacy claims. We represent individuals in precedent-setting cases against powerful technology, social media, healthcare, and entertainment companies, as we aim to enforce the privacy protections that the law provides to secure the most sensitive personal information.