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Ahdoot Wolfson has achieved noteworthy settlement results in litigating large class actions against the levying of unlawful taxes.

Our firm represents individual consumers and private businesses seeking redress for deprivations related to the establishment and collection of unlawful taxes.  We fight for our clients by identifying improper overcharges and assessments, suing for unjust enrichment, breach of contract, and misrepresentation and initiating special proceedings to challenge agency decisions related to taxation.

These special proceedings represent effective methods of protecting our clients from misconduct and overcharges.  While these challenges are often subject to unique defenses, Ahdoot Wolfson has the experience and knowledge to navigate the complex terrain of these cases and achieve successful outcomes.

Our practice specializes in litigating against unlawful taxes and assessments levied on utility services, including telecommunications, water, and natural gas. Our attorneys work to differentiate between legitimate regulatory fees and unlawful assessments, identify violations of federal, state or municipal restrictions on the methods of imposing or collecting certain taxes and determine whether a particular tax exceeds statutory limits.