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Ahdoot Wolfson is a proven leader in antitrust litigation.  Our firm represents consumers as well as small and mid-sized businesses that have been harmed by anti-competitive practices. 

Competition encourages lower prices, product improvement, and corporate efficiency. Consumers and businesses gain from these economic benefits, which are an inherent aspect of the American free-market system.  Antitrust laws are designed to protect the public by preserving and nurturing these economic advantages.  Our attorneys work to ensure that these protections are being enforced at both the state and federal level, increasing recoveries for our clients and discouraging further violations by bad actors.

Ahdoot Wolfson has been recognized by courts throughout the United States as highly experienced in antitrust litigation. Our firm has served as lead or co-lead counsel in many large, complex cases. We represent direct and indirect purchasers in cases involving monopolization, bid-rigging, price-fixing and manipulation, output reduction, dealing irregularities, and other anti-competitive practices.

Antitrust cases can be brought across a very diverse range of industries and can involve technology; social media products; electronics; baby and household products; entertainment and airline services; agricultural and food products; healthcare services; pharmaceuticals; securities and investment vehicles; industrial parts, chemicals and supplies; credit card providers; personal care products; and commodities markets.