We have litigated class action cases in a wide variety of practice
areas (see below) and have attained substantial recoveries on
behalf of our clients.

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The Benefits of a Class Action

In a class action lawsuit, one or more individual plaintiffs act as class representatives on behalf of a larger group or “class” of individuals who share similar claims with the class representatives.  Class actions allow numerous individuals, often with small monetary claims against the defendant, to combine their claims into one lawsuit.  Class actions provide an economically viable avenue for individuals to pursue claims as a group against a larger corporate defendant, streamlining all their legal claims in one court, brought before a single judge.

Class Action Procedure

The procedure for pursuing a class action is somewhat more complex than a typical lawsuit.  First, the attorneys must file a class action lawsuit on behalf of one or more plaintiffs.  Second, the attorneys must move to certify the case as a class action based on certain criteria, including whether the plaintiffs, or class representatives, are well-suited to represent the class, and whether common questions of law and fact are predominant among all class members.  If these criteria are met, the court will certify the class.  After certification, the class attorneys must provide notice to the entire class of the pending case and the class certification, and indicate that the class members have the right to “opt-out,” or exclude themselves from the class action.  If a class member opts out, he or she will not be bound by the results of the litigation. Class members receive the benefits of
settlement and are typically bound by any judgment.

Seek Experienced Class Action Representation

Ahdoot & Wolfson has a track record of success specific to class action litigation.  Our experienced attorneys provide a level and quality of class action representation essential to succeed in this complex area of legal practice.  If you have a potential class action claim and need a law firm with exceptional class action experience, contact Ahdoot & Wolfson today for a free initial consultation.  We routinely serve as class counsel on a contingency basis, with no costs or attorney’s fees to the client until recovery.

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