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Heartland Payment Systems Hidden Fees – Class Action Investigation

August 26, 2021 by  

Ahdoot Wolfson is investigating a potential class action against payment processing company Heartland Payment Systems (“Heartland”) relating to reports that it has been assessing customers hidden and unauthorized fees, including throughout and at the height of the pandemic.

Heartland is a Fortune 100 payment processing company that provides payment processing for hundreds of thousands of business locations in the United States, processing many millions of transactions per day and billions of dollars in transactions per year.

Recent reports indicate that despite giving assurances to merchant clients that Heartland will not charge hidden “junk” fees, it has engaged in this practice by burying hidden fees and charges in monthly customer billing statements. Some of these fees include “PCI Non-Compliance Fees,” “Reporting Fees,” “Service & Regulatory Mandate” fees, and “Customer Intelligence Suite” fees, among others. These fees often amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars to merchants per month, and result in Heartland reaping many millions of dollars in unearned revenues. 

The hidden and unauthorized fees charged by Heartland to merchants may be in violation of merchant agreements and contracts with Heartland, and in violation of state consumer protection and deceptive trade practices acts.

If you own a business that uses Heartland for payment processing services and believe you have been assessed improper or hidden fees, please fill out the contact form below and one of the attorneys at Ahdoot Wolfson will promptly call you.

Heartland Payment Fees