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Illegal Casino-Style Gambling Apps – Class Action Investigation

May 27, 2021 by  

Ahdoot Wolfson is investigating class actions against gambling apps and related companies that allow users to play casino-like games on their mobile phones without actually going to the casino.

These types of gambling and casino apps typically are free to download, but include in-app purchases. As a result, consumers may end up gambling with their actual money. Gambling apps typically do not offer actual cash winnings from the games. Instead, winning simply provides more in-app currency — allowing users to play for longer.

These types of apps may rise to the level of unlicensed casinos and illegal gambling. Many states have strict gambling laws which limit how businesses can offer gambling opportunities. Although casino apps are not a traditional form of gambling, these games may violate state gambling laws. Recent lawsuits accuse Google and Apple of promoting, enabling, and profiting from illegal gambling apps.

If you are a consumer who has spent money to play on a gambling app, the lawyers at Ahdoot Wolfson are interested in speaking with you about your experience. Please fill out the contact form below and one our attorneys will promptly call you.

Illegal Casino and Gambling Apps