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Mr. Cooper/Nationstar Unlawful Fees – Class Action Investigation

May 24, 2021 by  

Ahdoot Wolfson is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against mortgage lending company Mr. Cooper, formerly known as Nationstar, relating to certain of its lending and refund practices.

Reports indicate that Mr. Cooper/Nationstar may continue to charge fees on loans after a customer closes or re-finances the loan. Reports also indicate that the company promises clients it will refund any overpayments made by borrowers in the course of paying off their loans in full, but fails to do so.  In certain instances, our investigation has revealed that Mr. Cooper/Nationstar double-bills for a single month’s interest payment, without refunding the duplicate interest payment and may have even fail to deduct the duplicative charge from the principal balance of the loan. 

These practices by Mr. Cooper/Nationstar may violate consumer protection, lending, and other laws. If you have paid off or refinanced a loan with Nationstar or Mr. Cooper, you may have paid more than you should have, and you may be entitled to a substantial refund.

To discuss this matter, please contact Ahdoot Wolfson by filling out the form below, and one of our attorneys will promptly return your call.

Nationstar/Mr. Coooper Fees