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Samsung Top-Load Washing Machine Corrosion – Class Action Investigation

March 11, 2024 by  

Ahdoot Wolfson is investigating recent reports that certain top-load washing machines manufactured by Samsung contain a defect that causes the flange on the bottom of the washer tub/drum to corrode prematurely. This corrosion can cause particulates to break off or separate from the flange, which can clog the drain hose in the washing machines and otherwise cause issues with washer drainage. These issues can also result in mold and mildew accumulating on the flange.

Reports and publicly available consumer complaints reveal that Samsung has known about this issue for years, yet consumers continue to pay hundreds of dollars for a repair when the alleged defect manifests. Our investigation is ongoing but at least the following Samsung top-load washing machine models appear to be impacted by this issue:

  • WA52M7750AV/A4
  • WA55CG7100/AWUS
  • WA50R5200AV/A4
  • WA55A7300AE/US
  • WA47CG3500AV/A4
  • WA45T3200AW/A4

If you own a Samsung top-load washing machine that has experienced a corroded flange in the washer drum/tub, please fill out the form below and one of our lawyers will contact you for a free consultation.

Samsung Top-Load Washer Corrosion