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T-Mobile Data Breach – Class Action Investigation

August 23, 2021 by  

Ahdoot Wolfson is investigating a potential class action lawsuit following widespread reports of a massive data breach impacting T-Mobile. On August 16, 20201, T-Mobile confirmed that hackers used a Twitter account to gain unauthorized access to customer data through T-Mobile’s servers. The latest reports indicate that the stolen data includes customers’ names, addresses, Social Security numbers, drivers license information, phone numbers, dates of birth, security PINs, phone numbers, and, for some customers, the IMSI and IMEI numbers embedded in their mobile devices.

According to the cybercriminals responsible for the data breach, the breach reportedly affects more than 100 million individuals. To date, T-Mobile has confirmed that the breach impacted 53 million people–a number that continues to grow–which includes at least the following:

  • data for approximately approximately 13 million T-Mobile on-contract or postpaid customer accounts and
  • over 40 million records of former and prospective customers who had previously applied for credit with T-Mobile

The T-Mobile data breach is the latest in a string of continued data breaches impacting large retailers. These data breaches are preventable, yet many companies do not take adequate precautions to prevent breaches until after they already have been breached. Criminals use the information stolen during these large breaches to make a profit by selling the data on the “dark web” in illegal transactions, which other criminals purchase to commit fraud.¬†

T-Mobile’s failure to protect sensitive and identifying customer information may be in violation of consumer protection and data privacy laws. If your information was impacted during the T-Mobile data breach, you may be at risk of identity theft or fraud.

Ahdoot Wolfson in speaking with individuals who believe they may have been impacted by the T-Mobile data breach. If you believe you were impacted by the T-Mobile data breach, or received a notification letter confirming that you are impacted, please fill out the form below and one of the lawyers from Ahdoot Wolfson will promptly contact you.

T-Mobile Data Breach