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Leading Product-Related Injury Litigators

Here at Ahdoot Wolfson our team of attorneys has over two decades of experience litigating defective product claims on behalf of injured plaintiffs on an individual basis and as members of a broader “class” in mass tort litigation against the defendant-manufacturer.

Over the years, we have helped numerous plaintiffs secure the compensation they need to make a full recovery. We handle all aspects of a case from discovery through settlement negotiations and trial litigation (if needed).

Product defect litigation is a complex area of law in which plaintiffs are afforded unique opportunities to impose liability on manufacturers, distributors and other stakeholders. However, success does not always come easy. Legal advantages are tempered by significant real-world disadvantages.

We can help.

Our innovative approach and established reputation among the defense bar and the judiciary gives us the tools necessary to achieve a favorable result, even when the deck is stacked against our clients.

Product Liability — Challenges and Opportunities

Product manufacturers (and others in the chain-of-distribution) may implement risk management processes, but these processes and internal enforcement are often inadequate. Fortunately, the law lowers the bar for litigation so as to empower those who are injured by their defective products.

Product defect claims may be brought pursuant to a theory of strict liability, which allows plaintiffs to impose liability without having to prove that the defendant-manufacturer was negligent. All that is required is to show that the product itself was defective and that the defect caused your injuries.

It seems straightforward, right? Not quite.

Proving that a product was defective — and that the defect caused your injuries — is a lot more complicated than it might initially appear. Determining that a product is defective depends on whether there was a manufacturing or design flaw and whether the product was reasonably safe when used in an expected manner. If a product is inherently unsafe for a given use, then adequate warnings must be given. Failure to do so could also lead to manufacturer liability.

Success demands the supportive testimony of leading experts in the industry at issue, as well as a persuasive argument. Ultimately, the biggest hurdle for product defect plaintiffs is the resource and network disadvantage. Manufacturers often take an aggressive stance towards plaintiffs in the hopes that it will discourage other plaintiffs from coming forward with their own claims. These manufacturers will also choose to outspend plaintiffs and exercise their industry clout to secure well-reputed experts to testify on their behalf.

Seek Experienced Litigation Counsel

If you are ready to speak to an attorney about your defective product dispute, we encourage you to reach out to our firm. The guidance of a skilled legal advocate can help identify the core issues and consider whether the underlying claims are actionable.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation to determine your legal rights and potential remedies. One of our experienced attorneys will handle your matter personally. We routinely take on complex cases on a contingency basis, and we have the resources to finance litigation costs.